Stone Spice Company

Unique Handcrafted, small batch dry rubs and seasonings



We only use the best quality spices to make our dry rubs and seasonings.  Nothing artificial. Ever. We use organic products as much as possible. If you have an allergy or have more specific ingredient questions, please don't hesitate to ask us. Our products are all GLUTEN AND DAIRY FREE so everyone can enjoy. We work out of  a VDACS inspected kitchen,


If you are interested in having Stone Spice Company dry rubs and seasonings in your restaurant or featured on your menu, please let us know.  We love working with local chefs to create delicious dishes using our rubs to compliment your cuisine.

If you are interested in carrying Stone Spice Co. dry rubs and seasonings in your retail store, please contact us at for further information.


Each dry rub is 100% handmade in Lynchburg, Virginia.  They are all our original recipes and have been approved by our taste testing panel (our closest friends) for 100% assurance that they are up to our and their standards.

“The secret of happiness is variety, but the secret of variety, like the secret of all spices, is knowing when to use it.”


Add this and a bit of butter and your noodles won't even need sauce.

The name is a bit misleading though, because it's good on everything.

Try on:

Popcorn, Mashed potatoes, garlic bread, steaks, chicken, mix with olive oil for a delicious dressing, or just put it on whatever.

 This seasoning has no heat and is sure to be a big hit among the whole family.

Ingredients: black pepper, basil, garlic powder, onion powder, parsley, sea salt



A little bit sweet, a little bit salty, a lotta bit tasty. 

A new twist on the classic Bar-Be-Que tradition.  

Perfect rubbed on chicken (especially wings), pork, or anything else that needs a little "extra".

Try in:

Chili, Mac and Cheese, crock pot chicken, or sprinkle on fries.

Our favorite use:

Sprinkle a little BBQT on bacon and bake at 450 until desired crispiness.  

The brown sugar in the mixture caramelizes and makes the best bacon you'll ever taste.

Ingredients: black pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder,

sea salt, dry mustard powder, smoked paprika, sugar (white, raw, molasses) 


Featuring the same great flavor as our classic BBQT,

but with the added smokey heat of cayenne and chipotle.  

Perfect for a heat eatin' beginner.

Try on: Wings, grilled meats, bacon, or try a kickin' salad dressing.

Ingredients: black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder, sea salt,

dry mustard powder,  smoked paprika, smoked red jalapeno, sugar (white, raw, molasses) 


Screamin' BBQT gets it's heat from the much-feared ghost pepper,
but we've tweaked the BBQT recipe to highlight the flavor and
mitigate the heat to a pleasant long-lasting burn.

Try On: Wings, thighs, steaks, stews, chili and more!

Ingredients: bhut jolokia (ghost pepper), black pepper, cayenne pepper, chili powder, garlic powder, onion powder,

sea salt, dry mustard powder, smoked paprika, smoked red jalapeno, sugar (white, raw, molasses)


Pairing the sweetness of garlic with the feisty orange habanero, 

this rub hits the perfect balance between heat and flavor.  

Rub this on anything that needs a zing.

Try on: Chicken, steak, pork, fish or veggies.

Ingredients: black pepper, cayenne pepper, garlic powder, orange habanero, sea salt, smoked paprika, smoked red jalapeno


For Celebrity Roast we joined forces with Grains of Sense Coffee Roasters
to bring the heady aromas and bold flavors of coffee with the savory
and elements of smoked paprika and chipotle with the sweetness of molasses.
Exotic alaea red salt from Hawaii and cinnamon add an extra twist.

Try On: Dark meats like steak, thighs, lamb or porkchops. 

Ingredients: Grains of Sense coffee grounds, chipotle, cinnamon,
Hawaiian alaea red salt, molasses, smoked paprika


Heat Tart rolls in three waves of flavor. Beginning with a burst of citrus, followed by the unique spiciness of sichuan enhanced serrano and jalapeno peppers, and finishing with the lingering earthy sweetness of turmeric, white peppercorn and aleppo pepper.

Try on: Fish and chicken, on veggies, or in guacamole and marinades.

Use a squeeze of lemon to unlock itś full zesty potential!

Ingredients: Aleppo pepper,citrus zest (lemon, tangerine and grapefruit), jalapeno pepper, lemongrass, sichuan,

serrano pepper, scotch bonnet pepper flakes, turmeric, white peppercorn


Shallots, dried green bell peppers, and small batch black garlic make Sweet Green intensely sweet and savory, with no added sugar or salt. Black garlic is difficult to find (and expensive when you do), but it's many chefs secret ingredient. Black garlic is prized for its unique, wonderful flavor and aroma, and because the process of producing it can take up to six months.

Perfect for pairing with butter to finish your fish, chicken or lamb dish.

Ingredients: Black garlic, chervil, dill, dried green bell peppers, shallots, tamarind, tarragon


To complement the intense heat of the Carolina Reaper and Moruga Scorpion, we paired them with the intense flavors of clove and allspice. With help from smoked salts, tangerine zest and a wealth of other huge flavors, Hot Toddy delivers a wonderfully savory heat treat on any meat or veggie.

Ingredients: Smoked paprika, molasses, tangerine zest, white pepper, applewood smoked salt, clove, aleppo flakes, red pepper flakes, allspice, sumac, amchur, guajillo flakes, carolina reaper, moruga scorpion flakes,



You can find our blends in shops throughout Virginia, Tennessee and Florida. Be sure to call ahead, as not all shops carry our entire line. Additionally, some of our limited releases are only available directly from this website or our booth at vendor markets.

If you know of a shop near you, or run a shop that might be a good fit for us, please shoot us an email!


  • Ashland Meat Company (Ashland)

  • bloom by Doyle’s (Lynchburg)

  • Cattlemen’s Market (Lexington)

  • ebb & flow (Faber)

  • Eli’s Provisions (Roanoke)

  • For All Handkind (Norfolk)

  • Gilded (Downtown Lynchburg)

  • Great Day Garden Shop (Forest)

  • Ladle & Blade (Amherst)

  • LYH Visitor Center (Downtown Lynchburg)

  • MediaNoche (Richmond)

  • Ned’s Beer Shop (Lynchburg)

  • Nourish Louisa (Louisa)

  • Restoration Acres (Lynchburg Community Market)

  • Scratch Pasta Company (Lynchburg Community Market)

  • Skjald Meadworks (Charlottesville)


  • Mercantile on State (Bristol)


  • The Local Butcher & Market (Key West)